Back Pain

If you're in the Arlington, VA, area and looking for a chiropractor near you, we at Ballston Chiropractic and Acupuncture are here to help you get the treatment and support you need. We know that quality chiropractic care can be important for back pain relief and we want to help ensure you're getting the care you need for your specific condition.


What Causes Back Pain?

Accidents and injuries are some of the main causes for back pain. Along with accidents, you may have pain in your back from a degenerative disc condition, scoliosis, or arthritis. In some cases, a physically demanding job, playing sports, or natural aging can also cause back pain to get started or worsen. It's important to find out the cause, so you can get the right treatment, and a chiropractor can help with that.

How Can You Help Get Back Pain Relief?

A good way to get back pain relief may be to work with a chiropractor who can help diagnose and treat your back injury. It may take multiple visits to improve your condition significantly or a couple of adjustments could be enough. It can depend on the cause of your pain and the severity of your condition.

What Will a Chiropractor Do to Help?

A chiropractor on our team may perform different tests and gather information about your health history and current condition. We will also talk with you about the pain you experience, where it's located, and when it started. Choosing the right treatment plan can be important and it's much easier to do when you have the right knowledge. Working with a chiropractor means you have a partner who's dedicated to helping give you quality treatment for your specific back pain relief needs.

Get Chiropractic Care and Back Pain Relief Treatment from a Chiropractor for a Back Injury

At Ballston Chiropractic and Acupuncture, you can get help for a back injury or medical condition from a chiropractor who cares about your well-being. If you're in the Arlington, VA, area and in need of relief from pain in your back or other areas, reach out to us today. We're dedicated to helping you move more freely and with less pain again, so you can get back to focusing on the things that matter. Call us at (703) 243-7878 for more information from a chiropractor near you.

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